Still here!

Yes, I'm still here! It's been crazy. I've been hitting my sequel the past few weeks. So far I'm at 15K.

Here's my goals for this week:

1. Write at least 1000 words a day. Just write. I'm in this on-line writing class that is called Fast Draft in two weeks. So I need to write and get myself permission to give internal editor a vacation.

2. Finish reading woman fiction manuscript.

3. Go over feedback from agent on GODDESSES. Think of new beginning just showing Jordan and her whole love of romance.

4. Exercise 4xs this week

**Try to limit carbs and also diet Coke. Need to eat more salads and less junk.

There's only three more weeks of school and the teacher has my son's last week filled with parties and other things which will make it tough to write. But no excuses. I need to go over GODDESSES again and then requery.

Hope everyone has a productive week!

So You Can Think You Can Write?

I do.

Do I allocate the time to do it?

Do I have the materials and cozy writing space?

Do I need to kick my tail into shape?
I'm not one for tough love, just slowing down and inspiration.

Well, that's up to ME.

Next entry: What I DID write.
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I'll be better this week!

Last week was crazy with upcoming Agent Day, sister having baby, son's IEP meeting, and sister-in-law's inprompt visit. This week I'll be better.

Here's my goals:

1. Write 500-1000 words a day
2. Say no
3. Just help once in classroom this week. No more.
4. Exercise 4xs
5. And this one is hard--don't look over feedback from dream agent until next week. Let it sit for a week, then go back and attack it. He wants me to show more of my character at the beginning. Can do.
6. Also try to hold off querying until I hear back from Stacy Whitman and after I attack the beginning of GODDESSES again.

Oh, I was going over my book BOOK IN A MONTH--which is a great resource and I used to write and finish GODDESSES--and it talks about giving yourself rewards when you hit some goals. Which I plan on doing. But one step at a time.

This is where I am.

My goals posted were:

1. NYC research trip planned fully.  
Now to clean the house before my dad visits Wednesday... 

2. NYC research trip taken.  
We leave Thursday!

3. Freelance work completed for the year.
Officially, it's done.  But my editor offered me a promotion to part-time last week, so...yay!
4. Add 35k unedited words to my WIP; goal total 55k

5. Replot revision through Act II.
And now I need to replot Act I.  SO MUCH FUN OMG.  
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Eyeball Update

Okay. So I'm not the greatest at updating things. Sue me! I actually knew this Asian girl back in grade school named Sue Mee... we had fun with her name.

But I digress believe it or not.

I've surpassed 10,000 words on my WIP. I'm happy with the words, too. That's a bonus. Plus I've added quite a bit to my 'outline', so I really know where I'm going... that always helps. I won't finish by June 1st. But maybe I'll hit 25,000 to 30,000 words.

My direction could change in the next week or so, depending on what happens with some of my other WIPs. I'll keep you all posted... I know that you know that I know that you're curious.

Thanks again, Beachmo. Now... how do I get rid of these Speedo tan lines?
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Tweaks Finished

Finished the "tweaks" on my first 100 pages of revisions. I've never worked this slowly in my life.

Goal for this week: Revise the next 25 pages.

I'm not about to think any farther ahead than that!

Still Plugging...

I have 5 pages to go with the first 100 pages of revisions. I never thought it'd take this long but my time has been limited and my nerves have been shot. I'm sticking with my old rule--when in doubt, cut it out. Seems to be working so far!


Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing great with your goals. As for me, I'm on vacation. Mmmm, vacation... Well, stay-cation. I'm at home but not writing. What am I doing instead? Reading. Critique group. Going to the gym. Taking long walks with good friends. The stuff that nice days are made of, minus the writing. Waiting to hear back from editor about my edits. I have lots of ideas in my head right now for my writing goals but I'm not allowing myself to work on them till I recover from the stress of revisions. Yay for no longer being too insecure to take a break. (True story... after I finished my first novel I thought I had to start another one the next day or I'd be Lazy and Bad... because real writers write every day, dontcha know!)

Fitness goals are going well.  I joined an 8-week clinic to train for the Women's Trek (short triathlon) in July. It's a step out of my comfort zone, but my trainer says it's a good event for beginners. My thought is, the training workouts will be good for me, whether I end up doing the race or not. What I'm most looking forward to: open-water swimming with a group.

Update and new goals

April went pretty well =)

I've made steady progress on some of my goals! *\0/*

This week I'm focussing on Balance -- both physically and what I accomplish daily

Health & Fitness -- walk 3 miles daily do 2 hours of water aerobics 4 days this week -- take classes at the fitness ceter - on Monday Wednesday & Thursday
follow my meal plan on

Home - Kitchen and yard and patio

Writing - Revise one manuscript/day write 200 words/day this week and increase it by 50 wOrds every week

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